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Current postal purchase price for platinum in euros (Platinum purchasing rates, updated: 30.04.2016 08:00)

Every morning, we define our postal purchase prices based on the bullion rates of international stock markets. Material which is sent to us is always paid at the fixed daily rate on the receipt date.

Postal bank purchase price29,04 
Postal purchase price for bankable platinum bars and platinum coins.
Postal purchase price for smelting23,90 €/gPostal purchasing rates for pure platinum contained in jewelleries, dental gold, laboratory equipment and thermo wire. All analysis and refining costs have already been taken into account.



Current platinum purchasing rates (Updated: 30.04.2016 12:00)

Bank purchase price 29,04 €/gApplies to bankable platinum bars and platinum coins.
Purchase price for smelting23,90
Applies to pure platinum found in jewellery, dental gold, laboratory apparatus, thermo wire. All analysis and refining costs have already been taken into account.

ESG's indicated purchase prices for platinum correspond to the actual current amounts paidWe will not deduct any further costs or fees during the purchasing of platinum.

If you do not want to sell, but to buy platinum, you will find the prices in our ESG platinum shop (only available in German). http://www.edelmetall-handel.de/platinmetalle/platinbarren.html

Current purchase price for platinum jewelleries

Jewellery alloy Daily purchase price
950 22,70 €/g
99922,70 €/g
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Purchase prices for platinum coins

Fineness Purchase price
1/20oz platinum coins 45,30
1/10 oz platinum coins 90,32
1/4 oz platinum coins 225,96
1/2 oz platinum coins 451,64
1 oz platinum coins
903,28 €

The purchase prices are for example applicable to:

The purchase prices are applicable to all platinum coins having a normal bankable condition (no scratches, no damages)

Generally, we as a professional precious metal trader will not treat this rule as strictly as for example most of the coin traders or banking institutions do.

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Purchase price for platinum bars

Weight of the bars Purchase price
1 g 29,04
5 g 145,22
10 g 290,44
20 g 580,88
1 oz 903,28
50 g 1.452,21
100 g 2.904,43
250 g 7.261,09
500 g 14.522,18
1000 g / 1kg 29.044,37
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Our platinum purchase prices over the last 30 days

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