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Information about our company

Before selling your valuable scrap to us, or entrusting it to us for refining, you are, of course, entitled to know more about our company:

The company ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG based in Rheinstetten (near Karlsruhe, Germany) and Schänis (near Zurich, Switzerland) has been refining scrap containing precious metals generated by the dental, jewellery, electroplating and electronics industries across Europe. Our company focuses on both the precious metal processing industry and operates as a refining and trading company for the private buying and selling of precious metals. Our customers come from across Europe. Our commercial customers include well-known companies in the precious metal processing sector, for example, Siemens, Jenoptik, MAN, Würth, FAG, CR-Recycling and Infineon as well as practically without exception all the major German electronics manufacturers.

In addition we also trade in precious metal products such as gold bars, silver bars, gold pellets, silver pellets, gold salt, platinum wire, silver anodes, sputter targets (Au, Ag, Pd, Pt) etc. and carry out precious metal analysis on solid materials, powders and liquids.

We have also been offering our precious metal refining and purchasing services to private individuals since 1999. To this end, we have specifically set up operations to focus on the "Purchase of small quantities of precious metal by mail" (for the purchase of jewellery, dental gold, electrolytic silver, platinum and small volumes of industrial waste).

Each year we receive over 20,000 deliveries of gold to be purchased and precious metals to be refined from private individuals and small businesses. These are analysed carefully, package by package, in our precious metal testing laboratory to ascertain their precious metal content, with the customer being paid the relevant amount for the goods immediately. After being analysed, the material is kept in our vault for a further 7 days in case of any queries. The purchase of precious metals is only profitable in bulk. As a result, we can also offer private individuals the option of selling their precious metal directly to a precious metal wholesaler. Many customers also deliver their materials to us in person if they want to be present themselves during the analysis.

In this respect, our company has been featured in the media many times, including on the Pro7 programme Galileo, on RTL's Nachtjournal and on the ZDF programme "Die Reporter". One particularly interesting programme was a "Galileo" show in 2008 that asked the question "Where's the best place to sell your old gold?". On the show, several gold purchasing outlets were put to the test using hidden cameras. These outlets were only offering a fraction of the price that we offer for old gold purchases. "Gold purchasing agents or gold purchasing shops" located in regular businesses that actually had nothing to do with precious metals, jewellery or dental gold came out worst. The majority of jewellers were also offering prices considerably lower than ESG prices or were buying materials such as dental gold only at a flat rate per gramme, as they did not have the necessary technical equipment to be able to analyse the exact composition of the alloy. Many traders were advertising their services at inflated purchase prices; in most cases it turned out that these "advertised prices" only applied to small gold bars weighing 1-5 g or only to branded jewellery such as Chopard or Cartier.

In 2001 we purchased our newly built ESG scrap drop-off centre, equipped with the latest analysis and security technology. In 2007 we expanded our administration building by adding an office extension and, by acquiring a neighbouring piece of land, added another storage warehouse for our industrial scrap customers. Due to the rapid growth in the number of private individuals who send us their old gold or visit us in person to have it purchased, we expanded our private customer area again in 2009 by adding an extension. As a result, we now offer five separate purchase areas for private customers who, due to recommendations received or their own research, want to be present during the purchasing process. Our purchase-by-mail service is also growing in popularity, as customers are increasingly choosing to entrust their valuable material to a skilled, reliable precious metal wholesaler rather than using online purchasers of dubious reputation. To keep in line with customer requirements, we have expanded our well-trained team of permanent staff and extended our laboratory area.

Whether you have a few grammes or a few tons of scrap, we are your capable, reliable and skilled partner for precious metal refining.
Our purchasing process has been QM certified by DEKRA under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

If you would like to deliver your scrap to us in person at our scrap drop-off centre, please arrange an appointment beforehand with ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG in Rheinstetten, Germany, by phoning (+49-7242) 9535111.