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Purchasing and refining of silver anodes, cathode grids, sputter targets

ESG purchases new and used silver anodes directly.

We also buy:


- gold, silver, platinum or palladium-coated cathodes or cathode grids from the electroplating industry

- used gold targets, silver targets, platinum targets, palladium targets or sputter targets made from precious metal alloys

Alongside traditional smelting and refining, we can also provide the special service of returning your gold cathodes to you in their original condition after they have been stripped using a membrane electrolysis process. This can be of particular interest if the cathodes concerned are expensive products custom made from nickel, V2A, titanium, tantalum or similar materials.

Alongside our refining service, we can, of course, also manufacture and supply you with new precious metal anodes or targets according to your requirements.


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