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WEEE / Recycling of electronic waste

Every year in the E.U., several million tonnes of disused electronic devices are recycled. This number is constantly on the rise due to increasingly shorter lifecycles and the trend to use more electronic devices in private households and in businesses

The fact that electronic devices often contain both hazardous and valuable substances makes recycling a tricky business. But simply dumping or burning electronic waste is out of the question, because, for one, it would harm the environment due to the toxic substances and, for another, it would mean losing valuable resources forever.

The resources contained in electronic waste are of significant importance! In order to extract a single gramme of gold in an African mine, approx. two tonnes of rock must be dug out and brought to the surface from enormous depths; the rock must then be ground, filtered, sieved and further processed. Alternatively, when we disassemble about five discarded PCs and recycle the circuit boards and computer plugs contained inside, we can produce the same amount of gold. And the same process also yields additional materials, such as silver, palladium, copper and tin. While each PC, mobile phone or stereo system might yield only a few milligrammes of precious metals, the vast bulk of old devices makes metal recycling a serious alternative and complement to mining.

ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG has been recovering precious metals and non-ferrous metals found in circuit boards, chips, computer plugs etc. for many years. We purchase scrap containing precious metals from disassembling companies and producers from across Europe.



If you are planning to dismantle or dispose of a complete computer system or data processing centre, we can also assist you in this respect with the help of our skilled cooperation partners.


Our cooperation partners take care of properly disassembling the old devices and disposing the toxic materials in an environmentally sound manner. They help to reintroduce the valuable materials into the raw material cycle, for instance, by selling cathode-ray tubes to glass smelters, plastics to chemical plants, cable scrap to copper mills and circuit board waste to us.

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