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Here is how we determine the value of dental gold and dental scrap

Dental gold, dental alloys, inlays and crowns usually consist of alloys containing the precious metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Often foreign substances such as teeth, ceramics and plastics are present, which we remove. Since the precise composition of the alloy must be known to determine the value, our precious metal lab will determine it precisely.


Inhomogeneous scrap such as filings or dental gold is first smelted into a cone to homogenise the materials for subsequent analysis. The value is then immediately determined.


Yellow dental gold

Yellow dental gold normally consists of a high-grade alloy with the following composition

  • 50% to 90% gold
  • 1% to 30% silver
  • 0% to 20% palladium
  • 0% to 12% platinum
  • Remainder: other metals mixed in

White dental gold

White dental gold can consist of alloys of varying value:

  • A high-grade gold-platinum alloy
  • A slightly less valuable silver-palladium alloy
  • An almost worthless Mo/Cr/Co steel alloy or titanium


Prostheses and retainers/braces merely consist of the steel alloy Mo/Cr/Co (molybdenum, chrome, cobalt).


Due to the low value of the components, we do not purchase such items unless sold in bulk (1 kg or more).

Due to the different compositions, ESG does not purchase dental gold at a flat price per gramme. Instead, the actual amounts are determined for each of the different precious metals and we purchase content as low as 0.1 g.


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