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Here is how we determine the value of jewellery

Gold, silver and platinum jewellery normally bear a stamp that provides information on the metal alloy used. This reveals the gold, silver or platinum content of the item in question. The rest is usually composed of non-precious metals that are added to change the hardness and colour of the alloy and to lower the raw material cost.


Based on an x-ray fluorescence analysis, our lab verifies the authenticity of the jewellery alloys. This analysis method allows us to precisely determine the precious metal composition.


Stones, pearls, clockworks etc. have no bearing on the value assessment since we, as a refining establishment, are solely interested in the precious metal content of the jewellery. The only exception are diamonds of 0.1 carat or more, which we will purchase according to size, colour, cut quality and purity.


If you want to determine the approximate purchase price of your jewellery in advance, please feel free to use our purchase calculator.

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