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Laboratory and clinic service

For dentists and dental labs, we refine precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium from the following scrap materials and we purchase filings and smeltable material directly once analysis has taken place:

  • sweeps/brushings
  • filter bags
  • dental gold
  • filings/sprues


To get the goods to us for purchase or refining, you can either use our purchase-by-mail service or you can deliver them in person to our scrap drop-off centre in Rheinstetten, Germany, where the purchase can be carried out immediately.


In this case, you can choose to be present during the smelting and analysis process if you wish, receiving your cash or bars immediately afterwards.


For dental gold/filings over 500 g or sweeps/filter bags over 50 kg you can use our Field Service free of charge to have your scrap picked up. If the materials are directly smeltable, payment is made to you within two working days of the material being picked up, the scrap having been smelted and analysed in our laboratory. In the case of sweeps/filter bags, analysis takes approximately four to six weeks.


We also buy MoCrCo alloys (model castings).


For your dental practice you can request complimentary packaging pouches, for packaging any crowns removed from your patients. These pouches can also be given to your patients to take with them.



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Feilung / Gusskegel

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