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Patient service for dental practices

You can request complimentary, hygienic packaging / mail pouches from us for precious metals. After patients have had gold teeth, crowns or inlays extracted, you can safely give the extracted precious metal scrap to your patients to take home with them in these pouches.

If your patients would like to sell the precious metal contained in the extracted material, you can therefore offer them this service directly. This allows patients to sell directly and conveniently to a precious metal wholesaler, saving you the time and effort required to find a gold trader.

The pouches are elegantly designed, hygienic, extremely tear-resistant and contain all the information you need to sell the materials to us. Patients can then send their dental gold to us directly. They will receive the value of the precious metal immediately by bank transfer or by cheque. Even if the amounts involved are small, we pay for all four main precious metals, namely gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

No commission is paid to dentists for distributing the dental gold packaging pouches. We believe that patients who want to take their dental gold home and sell it should receive the maximum payment for their old gold without any deductions. This service will be appreciated by your patients.

Packaging pouches

You can request 50, 100 or 200 pouches free of charge.


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