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Purchasing and refining of precious metal contacts

ESG refines contacts containing precious metals such as electronic contacts or contact rivets:

  • Silver contacts
  • Silver-palladium contacts
  • Silver-rhodium contacts
  • Gold-plated silver contacts
  • Platinum contacts
  • Gold contacts
  • Contact flakes from heavy duty relays (Ag, Ag/Ni, Ag/W, Ag/Cd etc.)

and all contact components with a precious metal coating such as gold or silver-plated pins from plugs, reed relays or telephone relays.


We can also refine contact components that have a tungsten, nickel or cadmium coating.

Silberkontakte auf Kupferträgern
Silberkontakte auf Kupferträgern
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Vergoldete Kontakte
Vergoldete Kontakte
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Vergoldete Kontakte