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Purchase of old gold and scrap gold

We professionally analyse old and scrap gold in our ESG precious metals lab and purchase the goods based on the precious metal content determined.

ESG purchases and refines old gold such as gold jewellery, dental gold, gold bars, gold coins and medals from private sellers, as well as industrial gold waste such as dental plates, sputter targets, gold pellets, gold gilt, gold wires, sheet gold, aurate, planchets, lab equipment etc.

Be it just a few grammes from private persons or several kilogrammes from industrial sellers, all items delivered to us are analysed in our precious metals lab to determine the precise gold content, which is then used as the basis for valuation. If your gold scrap also contains silver, platinum or palladium, you will, of course, also be paid for these metals.

Our method of determining the value of goods is regularly checked by DEKRA as part of our QM certification according to ISO 9001. ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG has been refining gold and trading with precious metals for years. You can either send your gold scrap to us as a securely wrapped parcel or you can deliver the goods in person after having made an appointment with us and we can pay you immediately in cash or by cheque after analysing the items.

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Selling Jewels
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