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Purchase of silverware and silver cutlery

You want to sell silverware, silver cutlery, silver candlesticks, silver plates and/or other items made of silver? We professionally analyse silver scrap in our ESG precious metals lab and purchase the goods based on the precious metal content determined.


We accept any deliveries, from just a few pieces sold by private persons up to large shipments from cutlery dealers, antique shops or remainders of stock.


As a professional precious metal wholesaler, we are also the right partner for purchasing large batches of silver from inheritances or dissolutions of collections.
Our method of determining the value of goods is regularly checked by DEKRA as part of our QM certification according to ISO 9001.


ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG has been refining the silver contained in silverware for years. You can either send your silverware to us as a securely wrapped parcel or you can deliver the goods in person after having made an appointment with us and we can pay you immediately in cash or by cheque after analysing the items.

Please check your goods to make sure the items are genuine silverware before sending them to us. If it is just silver-plated cutlery (in which case it is normally stamped with "90", "100" or no mark whatsoever), the value of the items will very likely be less than the money spent on mailing the goods.

Therefore, be certain to take note of the hallmarks 800, 830, 835, 900, 925 or 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 solder or sterling silver. After analysing the precious metal content, our purchase price is determined based on the number of grammes of pure silver contained in the items. Components such as steel knife blades or sand/wax weights often found in cutlery handles do not factor into the value of the items.

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Anleitung und Informationen Ankaufaubwicklung von Tafelsilber / Silberbesteck