phone: +49 7242 9535177

Delivering goods in person

After arranging for an appointment, you can deliver your materials to our ESG scrap drop-off centre in person.


In the case of materials that can be readily analysed (bars, coins, jewellery, filings, silverware, electrolytic silver or the like), the purchase price is calculated based on the current ESG daily rate and given to you either in cash or as a cheque. If you prefer, we are, of course, happy to transfer the money to your account online.


For materials that require processing before we can determine the value (sweeps, filters, sludges, slags, powders etc.), we will confirm receipt of your goods and will inform you of the expected processing time. As soon as the analysis is complete, we will contact you to discuss the payment details.

Please make sure you arrange an appointment before delivering your goods by phoning (+49-7242) 9535177. (For calls from within Germany, remember to omit the country code and insert a "0" before the number.)

Selbstverständlich können Sie bei der ESG nicht nur Edelmetalle verkaufen sondern auch Gold, Silber, Platin und Palladium in Form von Barren, Münzen und Tafelbarren zu Anlagezwecken zum jeweils aktuellem Tagespreis erwerben.


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Scheidgutannahmecenter Rheinstetten
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