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Safety recommendations for shipping by mail

Every day millions of parcels with valuable contents are shipped securely and reliably by shipping agencies around the world. To reassure you of the safety of shipping your valuable scraps by mail, we have compiled a few safety tips for you below.




Please choose a strong, cushioned envelope or a sturdy cardboard box. Even when sending very small parts, do not use standard envelopes as they are carried by transport rolls at the post office and the contents might get squeezed out. Wrap sharp or pointy items in a cloth or cushion them using cotton wool. In addition, you might want to place them in a protective container (such as an empty film canister, matchbox or the like). The items should not be able to move within the wrapping or the envelope. For very small items, you can, for instance, use scotch tape to affix them to a piece of paper. For large parts, secure them in the box using filling material.


Type of shipment/Insurance 

We recommend to send scrap materials to us as registered mail; in the case of more valuable shipments, for reasons related to insurance you should send them by parcel and additionally insure the transport if required. The post office in your region may also offer a type of 'receipt acknowledgement'; this is a postcard where we confirm receipt of the goods. It will then be sent back to you. Should you have further questions regarding the shipment procedure, please call us at +49 7242 9535177 or directly contact your shipping agent.



Please address the package as shown below:

ESG GmbH & Co. KG
Gewerbering 29b
76287 Rheinstetten, Germany


Avoid using words such as precious metal, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, jewellery, dental gold etc. on the wrapping that may reveal the contents.

As soon as we receive your shipment, we will enter the goods into our computer system and will immediately start analysing your scraps.


Sicherheit in jedem Bereich ist eines unserer wichtigsten Themen.