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Here is how the procedure of selling your diamonds to us works:

Either you arrange for a personal appointment and bring your diamonds to us, or you can use our purchase-by-mail service. In the latter case, please use our cover note for gemstones.


The stones offered to us undergo a gemmological analysis in our lab by qualified personnel, and the value is determined according to weight, colour, purity and cut. Once determined, we will inform you of the purchase price. If you accept our offer, we will immediately transfer the amount to your account or send it to you by cheque.


If you brought the stone(s) in person, we can naturally also pay you in cash.

Ankauf von Diamantschmuck / Brillantschmuck

Info hotline

If you require any further information or wish to arrange for an appointment, please call us at (+49-7242) 9535177.

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