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You want to sell your jewellery?

Choose one of the following options for selling your materials to us:

Method AShipping goods/Purchase of mailed goods
You can also send the goods directly to us in a parcel using a postal service or forwarding company. Please make sure to include the cover note and to pack the goods securely.
We set up a purchase-by-mail service in 1999 specifically for this purpose.


As soon as we receive the goods, we will determine the value of the goods in our precious metals lab and will inform you by letter or, if desired, by phone or e-mail. Indicate on the precious metal cover note whether you prefer receiving a cheque or want to have the amount transferred to an account. In the unexpected event that you should disagree with the purchase price offered by us or if you change your mind about selling the goods, they will be returned to you in a straightforward manner. After entry of your goods, we will store them separately for seven days.

For information on safely sending your goods by mail, click here.



Method BDelivery in person
You arrange an appointment with us and personally deliver the goods to our ESG scrap drop-off centre in Rheinstetten, Germany, or Schänis, Switzerland. If the materials can be readily analysed, you can be present for the analysis and receive payment immediately in cash or by cheque once we have determined the value. Due to the great increase in customers over the past years, we added five new purchase rooms in 2009 and hired new employees. The purchase rooms are equipped with the latest analysis technology and are air conditioned. So you can rest assured that the purchase process is safe, speedy and professional.


Info hotline for arranging an appointment: (+49-7242) 9535177

ESG Scheidgut-Center

ESG Scheidgutannahmecenter Rheinstetten

Info hotline

If you require any further information or wish to arrange for an appointment, please call us at (+49-7242) 9535177.

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