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Recycling of PCB waste

PCB waste is generated in the form of production rejects as well as when properly dismantling old devices containing circuit boards and components.


ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG has been recovering precious metals found in electronic waste for years. We purchase scrap containing precious metals from across Europe. We purchase electronic waste, including PCBs, circuit boards, laboratory cards, computer plugs, electronic components, chips, EPROMs, ICs, processors, relays, reed switches, contact rivets, disk drives, hard drives, mains adaptors, as well as any production residues from the PCB and electronics industry containing precious metals.


If you are planning to dismantle or dispose of a complete mainframe system or data processing centre, we can also assist you in this respect using skilled cooperation partners. This also applies to single-user computers (PCs + monitors) over a quantity of 10 units and to the disposal of mixed electronic waste of 10 t or more (including from municipal authorities).



Purchase prices

The respective purchase prices depend on the overall quantity and the precious metal content. As precious metal prices are subject to constant change, these prices are adjusted nearly on a daily basis. We would therefore like to ask you to contact us to inquire about prices and to arrange for an appointment to have your electronic waste evaluated.

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