Purchase procedure

Dispatch delivery / Postal purchase

You can send us your precious metals / precious metal-bearing divorced goods from within the EU directly by postal service together with a printout of our cover letter and well packaged in a parcel, without any fuss. We set up our postal purchase service especially for this purpose in 1999.

If you would like to send us metals from outside the EU, please contact us in advance, as we only accept goods that have been cleared through customs.

After receiving the material, we determine its value in our precious metal testing laboratory and notify you accordingly by post or, on request, by telephone or e-mail. For an exact analysis, we melt down any non-homogeneous materials in advance and then analyse them in our laboratory for their content of the precious metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Scrap items that can be analysed directly go straight to the testing laboratory.

After the value has been determined, the amount due will be transferred to the account you specified in the cover letter sent together with the precious metal.

If, contrary to expectations, you do not agree with our purchase price or have changed your mind in the meantime, your valuables will be returned to you at your expense. Please inform us of your wish to withdraw immediately after notification of the value. You will naturally not be charged any costs for the valuation. After we have received your material, it will always be kept separately for another 5 working days (Monday - Friday).


Delivery in person

Please always arrange an appointment for delivery in advance by telephone at +49 7242 95351-77 and bring a valid identity card or passport with you.

After making an appointment, please bring your material in person to our ESG collection centre.

For material that can be analysed immediately (bars, coins, jewellery, filings, silverware, electrolytic silver, etc.), the credit note will be calculated at the ESG daily rate after the value has been determined in the office, and you will be paid the credit note amount either in cash or by cheque. If you wish, we can also transfer the amount due to your account online.

For materials for which the value can only be determined after processing (dross, filters, sludge, slag, powder, etc.), you will receive a receipt and we will let you know approximately how long processing will take. As soon as we have the analysis result, we will contact you for billing formalities.