Palladium purchase

We analyse palladium materials professionally in the ESG precious metal testing laboratory and buy it at the value of the precious metal it contains in a no-fuss manner.

ESG buys and recycles both private scrap palladium such as palladium jewellery, palladium bars, palladium coins and medals, and also industrial palladium waste such as palladium contacts, contact rivets, palladium sheets, palladium tubes, palladium chips, etc.
We also purchase alloys such as silver-palladium contacts or white gold alloys on a gold-silver-palladium basis.

Whether it is a few grams from private individuals or several kilograms from industrial suppliers, every material received is analysed with great precision in our precious metal testing laboratory for its precious metal content and remunerated accordingly. If your scrap also contains other recoverable precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum in addition to palladium, this will naturally also be remunerated. Our valuation procedure is regularly checked by DEKRA as part of our QM certification in accordance with ISO 9001.

ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG has specialised in the recycling of palladium for many years, in addition to the general trading and recycling of precious metals. If you wish to sell your scrap palladium from within the EU, you can either send it to us well-packaged as a parcel via our postal purchase service, or you are welcome to visit us in person by appointment and, once the analysis and valuation have been completed, you can receive the relevant credit amount immediately in cash or, in the case of larger amounts, by online transfer.