Cover letter

The fastest way to receive payment

This is how the purchase of precious metals from ESG works

1. Fill out the shipping cover letter easily on your computer.
2. Create your personal PDF form and print it out.
3. Pack your material and send it to us safely.
4. We will analyse the material and credit the current purchase price to your account.

Please note that goods can only be sent from EU countries. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Cover letter for private individuals

...for private individuals

Please use this cover letter if you would like to sell as a private individual.

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Cover letter for traders

...for professional submissions

If you wish to sell e.g. as a company, trader, freelancer (doctor, artist, or similar), probate administrator, guardian, university, bank, association, foundation, corporation (authority, church, or similar).

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Sample cover letter

...for sample cover letters

Exclusively for sending samples of larger quantities of material for the preparation of a quotation.

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