Rhodium purchase

Rhodium, like all platinum metals, is recycled with care due to its high trade price. Most recycled rhodium comes from the recycling of autocatalysts. The metallic rhodium purchased is generally delivered / sold to ESG as an alloy component alongside platinum from thermocouples and laboratory equipment from industrial companies, research institutions and universities. From the electronics industry, rhodium waste is delivered to ESG for precious metal recycling, e.g. in the form of rhodium-coated tips of reed relays.

ESG does not purchase autocatalysts themselves. This special recycling area is operated by specialised catalytic converter recycling companies, which purchase catalytic converters, remove the precious metal-coated honeycombs, homogenise them, sample them and then pass them on in large batches for precious metal refining.

For all other rhodium-containing scrap, you can turn to ESG with confidence.