Terms of use for images

The following terms of use apply to the images on this and all other ESG web pages:

  • For the purpose of neutral press articles, the images may be used directly and freely for print media, provided that a specimen copy is sent to us.
  • All other press uses, especially for online media, require our written individual consent.
  • We have invested a lot of effort, time, costs and love in our quite extensive precious metal picture catalogue, and for this reason we expressly point out the following: Images from this and all other ESG websites may not be used for advertising purposes, by competitors, bloggers or other non-legitimised persons or institutions. Likewise, ESG's own images may not be used for online auction purposes or other advertising of commercial or private trading transactions.
  • All commercial or trade use of images not expressly approved by us in writing will be pursued. Naturally, this applies analogously to images that have been subsequently altered or manipulated in terms of image technology, which were originally ESG's own images.
  • Private individuals who wish to use pictures for "home use" and do not wish to place them on the Internet are of course welcome to print and use them for 100% non-commercial purposes.